Manos Returns Deluxe Edition DVD

Manos Returns Deluxe DVD

Good news, faithful fans of MANOS, The Deluxe Edition Manos Returns DVD is now available for sale. A sequel to the cult classic Manos - The Hands of Fate, Manos Returns focuses on a group of hapless travelers who get lost on a road trip and stumble into the sinister world of Valley Lodge.

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Manos Returns takes place 50 years after the action of Manos - The Hands of Fate. Four friends get lost on a road trip and stumble on a hidden cult lead by the sinister Master and his servant Torgo. As they try to escape, they are caught up in the power struggle between Debbie (given to Manos as a child 50 years ago), her mother Maggie, and the other souls twisted by their time serving the dark god.

In addition to the movie, the Deluxe Edition DVD also contains these great Special Features:

  • a commentary track featuring co-producers Tonjia Atomic, Rachel Jackson, Jackey Neyman Jones, and Joe Sherlock
  • footage from Tom Neyman's appearance at the Wrap Party
  • Torgo's Audition Tape
  • a surprise on set proposal
  • trailers for 333: Illuminaughty, Manos: The Hands of Felt, Skullface Astronaut and Jackey's Manos Chat

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Meet The Legacy Cast of Manos Returns

"Manos Returns" featuring the original cast of "Manos the Hands of Fate"

Jackey Neyman Jones

Tom Neyman

The Master

Diane Adelson


Bryan Jennings

Sheriff Jennings

The Cast of Manos Returns

Introducing The Cast Of Manos Returns.

Steven Shields


Steven Shields is an actor, known for Manos Returns (2018), Plain Devil (2014) and Nasty, Brutish Shorts (2016).

Christopher Barnes

Christopher Barnes started a film production company with some friends in 2010, making a few shorts in the following years. Now residing in the Seattle area, he's working with other local filmmakers to further his experiences and eventually make the Holy Grail of Cult Indie Cinema.

Christina Pezzo


Christina Pezzo is known for her work on Manos Returns (2018), The Penance (2017) and Just a Prick (2018).

Danielle Daggerty


Danielle Daggerty is an actor, known for Plain Devil (2014), Phantom Theater (2010) and Manos Returns (2018).

Nuria Aguilar


Nuria Aguilar is an actress, known for Manos Returns (2018).

Darlene Darwin

Deputy Georgia

Darlene Darwin is an actress, known for Forgive Me Father (2015) and Manos Returns (2018).

Meet The Manos Returns Crew

Jackey Neyman Jones

Tonjia Atomic


Rachel Jackson


Joe Sherlock

Director of Photography